Year in Review — 2021

The days of everything low, high and no in-betweenness.

The “benninging”… lol

The watch-night/crossover of 2020 was filled with high hopes as we all hope to have left behind the evils and anxiety of the pandemic — that wasn’t my case! I left Lagos to celebrate new year’s eve with family but ended up passing the night on the road after an accident (the first major in my driving career), car chassis was wrecked and the electricals stopped working. I had to pass the night on the highway in the company of my friends — Muyiwa and Seun. God bless those folks.

The middle

Mid-year had me frustrated about all things — decisions, decisions, decisions about everything in my life! Regrets for missing out on a lot of things, the faux need to metamorphose from the uptight, “stuck up”, nerdy, workaholic and other special tags. Bowed to pressure and felt I could hide my anxiety, frustrations and depressions behind late nights… lol! It just doesn’t make sense and the exhaustion from those activities, erk!

  1. Toyin Folashade Sanni
  2. Babatunde Oladosu
  3. Tamaradeinyefa Adekoya
  4. Adebowale Obasan
  5. Ye (Kanye West)
  6. Kolapo Solesi
  1. Toluwanimi Awojobi
  2. Kolapo Joseph
  3. Abimbola Shopeju
  4. Diete-Koki Charles-Jeffrey
  5. Odunayo Eweniyi
  6. Sir Ademola Aladekomo
  1. 3x income of 2020… Abeg, I’m still broke, send me $$
  2. Got 4 Board Invitations… Accepted some and rejected some!
  3. Got 6 C-Suite offers… I am still hot kek, lol! Safe to say; I’m still the only “FIN in FINTECH”
  4. Fundall got acquired by Emerging Africa Group and we made some major strides
  5. Learnt to love.. yes, this one! PS: I’m still single 😂
  6. Rebranded my pro-bono advisory service to Tabb — I directly mentored over 50 younger entrepreneurs in 2021 and consulted for 10 ideation-stage startups, 4 seed-stage startups and 2 growth-stage startups
  7. Lost tons of lessons and learnt new investment tricks
  8. Got tons of media interviews and featured again on radio & TV
  9. Wrote over 20 articles and spoke on over 15 topics on Twitter & WhatsApp community (You can join via and
  10. Got 3 big/headline speaking engagements and tons of virtual sessions
  11. Acquired new skillsets — Product Management, Product Analytics, Data Analytics and the latest being Python
  12. Registered a new company of The Boys Brigade
  13. Became the Captain of 29th Lagos South Company of The Boys Brigade
  14. Elected the Secretary/Administrator of the Lagos South Battalion Council
  15. Made my first Real Estate investment

Takeaways for 2022

I learnt to be me. This may sound a little bit cliche but the most important lesson in life is to understand the way you are wired and do not change your secret sauce to “conform”. Accept you’re a weirdo and try to do better, for yourself, your God, family and friends.



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