War and its mongers

2 min readSep 13, 2017


Just like we read in history books, resemblance of what we saw in documentaries,

A typical scenarios played out in the dramas, soaps and novels

Of a country so beautiful yet sour

Of a country so Big but shallow

Of a Giant so powerful but lifeless

Of a people so wonderful but worn out

Of a marriage so exquisite but of convenience

Oh! I wish this was done another way round

Our elders seeing this only as a De-javu

The incidents of those years

Years of hardship and hatred

Years of death and dearth

Years of hunger and anger

Years when the sun seems not to rise again
They long to make this warnings heard

But for their worn-out voices

The babies now playing with fire

A fiery hell yet to be unleashed

I hope we come and we calm

The long desires of our hearts

We see the reason for our existence

And not the reason for our demise

We see the light in our common good

And not the thick darkness of our differences

I wish the agitators can take their alligators

The protectors the venom of their pythons

For the sake of the little innocent Ngozi

Whose innocent dream is to grow up with her best friend Fauzat

I hope we can turn the tides

I hope we can call on gods to save us

From this eminent disease beckoning

On our new found virgin bride

Yet to be exploited nor scratched

A deep thought and a reflection will do

A great change in our ways can

Build a new paradise and

Make a difference till eternity

© Obasan Taiwo James-Yakub




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