Castro Fidel Alejandro; an untamed Nationalist and reformational líder del pueblo

By Obasan Taiwo James-Yakub

Department of Economics, University of Lagos.

Hmmmmm, what a loss!

The death of this great man arrived with mixed feelings. The west jubilating that yet another villain had died. "Fidel Castro, who orchestrated a Communist revolution in Cuba and was a thorn in the side of multiple United States presidents.
He was considered a villain because he would not allow himself to be tamed by the West. Yes, he was never a stooge - he was a man if the future. He once said that A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past."
You can say he was brutal - I will agree with you but no revolution comes easy and no Reformation comes without an iron hand.
He was just like one of the earliest of the beautiful ones - He was a defender of the majority - yes I said majority. His several travail is similar to the works of Frantz Fanon and Walter Rodney.
He defended his people from any external aggression same way Chairman Mao Zedong did. He did the same as Lee Kwa Yew did in Singapore no wonder he said, "condemn me, it does not matter; History will absolve me." He was so sure that one day the media will stop spreading the West propaganda and listen to the minor majority. He was so sure that though lies may last for a decade, truth will show fort definitely one day even if it’s a minute.
He was a socialist bent on making everyone better off at the expense of everyone. He believed that capitalism has neither the capacity, nor the morality, nor the ethics to solve the problems of poverty. He is not far from the truth as this is evident in most non West countries especially in South America and Sun Saharan Africa that have adopted Capitalism. He understood the great lacuna this Western rodent called capitalism always leave - he was bent on making everyone equal according to their ability. He was a strong man. This he did by making Tobacco planting a non rich activity, he made all families regardless of how tiny their land might be beliebe that there is as much market for their products as the families with big market. He was not a student of Economics yet he believed in the theory of Advantage - Absolute and Relative. He made the Cuban tobacco the most sought after tobacco in the world, raking in millions of dollars for its citizens and developing the once war torn Cuba to the next South American tourist attractions. He said, "I find capitalism repugnant. It is filthy, it is gross, it is alienating... because it causes war, hypocrisy and competition"

He was a man that would not consider whatever people bare saying about him, he was focused, determined and hard working. He knew what he wants from the onset and pursued it with all full force. He was ready to make enemies for this cause and his arms were always open to embrace allies who believes in his dream. This, I believe all leaders in the world regardless of how micro their constituency may seem to be, should emulate this attitude and make their world a better place without unnecessary external influences.
He freed his country from a dictator supported by America. After the civi war, American-owned companies in Cuba refused to cooperate with the government, so Castro nationalised these companies. In return the Americans blocked the island, which is why the Cubans cannot export any goods. However, under Castro, Cuba became self-sustainable, and its economy even grew. This is why Americans hate him. Because he stood up against their tyranny and had success at it. Castro also gave all Cuban land to the people, starting with his family land and house. However, the Cuban Revolution did not end with Cuba, as Castro helped many other countries fight off oppressors. In South Africa, Castro sent troops to help Mandela fight off the racist British, again supported by Americans.
Notice that only Americans say bad things about Castro, yet they rarely state facts. That is because their media told them communism and socialism are bad, which is not true. And communism did not fail in Cuba, they are still communist-socialists, and proud of it.

Cuba’s only natural resources are nickel and cobalt. That isn’t much to work with for any government, tyrannical or not, there’s only so much nickel the world wants and after that you have to wait until there’s another buyer. Castro took over government after a massive economic recession created by his predecessor and he chose to favor a socialist society, modeling it after Russia and on a Leninist model. He took a bankrupt country, and despite multiple sanctions against his government (mostly by the USA might I add) he managed to increase the economic stability and created a boom.
Castro is a great leader not because he has caused the death or internship of countless individuals, he is a great leader because he did what he felt he had to create a stable government to give the people as much as they deserved. Under Fidel, and now Raul Castro, Cuba has a literacy rate of 98.9%, a infant mortality rate of 6.1 per thousand, complete with universal health care and education; which is significantly more than what the USA has got. If a little country like that can make so much prosperity, why can’t they do that with such a big country like the USA? He advocated to free other countries from their rulers, primarily South Africa, and South America (i.e., Bolivia), and constantly has government doctors sent over to third world countries that are in need of medical aid.
He supports an entire country and its populace with as much as he can give them based off the revenue of nickel, cobalt, and tourism.

Today, I, Obasan Taiwo James-Yakub, the Propagator of 'Afroconomics' eulogize Fidel Castro Alejandro, He was Fidel Castro and he came to liberate Cuba.



Telling stories of Africa; her economics, history and politics | Bridging economic gaps by scaling traditional ideas & businesses with tech.

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Telling stories of Africa; her economics, history and politics | Bridging economic gaps by scaling traditional ideas & businesses with tech.