Boys are exactly who Society makes them.

3 min readApr 17, 2022

One of the reasons I’m very passionate about building the boy-child through the Boys Brigade is the ripple effect of the little activities we do on the family and the future of a generation.

Two stories from the recent Junior Boys’ Football competition emphasize the need for the work we do at The Boys’​ Brigade

A young boy from a humble background today was super happy to have another identity aside from the “Mosa Boy” — the mom sells all sorts of petty street food for survival, and that has earned him the name “Mei Mosa” amidst his peers. He’s always felt like he’s not up to par due to his poor background, but I was glad to see the joy he was exuding while putting on the jersey.

He wanted to be a footballer as he felt he may never be able to afford tuition fees beyond primary school.
He’s discovered a new hope and an escape in football. He’s gained new confidence in himself and now sees that he can be anything and can contend with anyone regardless of his background.

He’s been handed over to an officer, and we’ve got volunteers that will support him through school.


A mother came to report a boy from a different company attached to a military barracks that he didn’t greet nor speak to them — both parents are military personnel.

She said she believes we are in the best position to correct the boy since she believes the boy is largely influenced by his immediate environment, i.e., the military barracks.

While attempting to scold the boy, we figured it was best to speak with him to understand his reasons. The boy was crying, and his first statement was that he didn’t understand why his parents would dedicate their lives to the military yet they couldn’t provide adequately for him. The boy is being influenced by some older boys to live a reckless life, as that may bring provision.

That’s a story a lot of boys can relate to. Those younger men you are scared of, the ones who’ve been profiled as criminals.. that’s exactly where the motivation comes from.

Well, we’ve been able to change his perspective. He will be playing along with other peers, and he’s seen that anything can be achieved. He made the first team by working hard, and he’s learned a lesson that he can live a better and more honest life if he works hard.

I am just putting it out there that mentoring children is very key to having a better society. Helping them make the right choices, giving them the right skills, and teaching them what the right society “should” look like will impact a whole generation.

Those ones will go on to respect women and become more productive leaders. If you want a crime-free generation, start with the boys.

One important reason is that I dedicate my time, resources, and life to the cause of The Boys’​ Brigade.




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