Addiction; seeking the alternative

2 min readJan 22, 2022

Addiction comes from instant gratification. It’s simply a loop of making the same narrow choices over and over again.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The self-guilt that comes from instant regret after every addictive activity isn’t self-realization.

It reinforces the limited options and portrays self-condemnation & lack of strength to overcome.

It’s the same reason the brain will choose that addiction every time to make you hide from the reality of your limited option.

The brain is wired to tilt our emotions towards instant gratification through the endorphins — the more you signal your addiction as the escape from the truth/reality, the more your brain nudges you to perform those addictive activities.

You can be addicted to anything — not necessarily porn, gambling, alcoholism, drugs or other socially agreed vices.

You can be addicted to work, partying, people, and other things — once it’s excessive it becomes an escape.

It’s hard for humans to escape addictions, it’s, however, wise for humans to graciously select what they’re addicted to.

Then seek help if you ever find yourself getting addicted to anything — Talk to someone, find the reality you’re running away from, be ready to expand your options and choices and most importantly find another positive addiction to replace the negatives.

Choose your vices, it may be work, family, impact, teaching, religion, love OR whatever — just ensure it has a positive return on You, Your family & friends, Your Society and The World.

Pornography & Masturbation is an escape from loneliness and the dire need to be loved.

Excessive Work is an escape from emptiness in other aspects of life.

Gambling is an escape from hard work and patience for long term rewards.

It goes on and on.

Don’t fight the addiction, you’ll lose cos it’s logically a battle with self.

Go for the alternative/reality and see that you’ll notice how easily you’ll win over the addiction.

It’s hard but pushes upwards the hill and the other side becomes easier




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